How To Order T-Shirts

We know how painful it can be to order new work uniforms or your own custom apparel. That's why we've simplified the process for you, in 5 easy steps!

Meet Mick

We used to joke and say he was the number one volunteer, but if we want things printed, we cant do that any more!

Mick is one of the directors, he Loves a burrito and can play the bass!

He also works for one of Australia's biggest rock artists when he isn't swearing - I mean operating the printers!

Meet Amber

Also one of the directors, she is never without her laptop and mobile phone.

Always running in, speaks too fast and has 10000000 things on the go!

Amber built an online fashion brand from the ground up and it was worn by people around the world.

Now bringing all her expertise to the DEAD SET GROUP.

Meet Bek

Bek is the soul of the print room, the calm one that makes everything come back to a good steady level!

A background in sales, and the print / paper industry we are so lucky to have her in our team!

Bek is a girl mum and can be easily bribed with coffee!

Meet Kat

Our dog mumma, croc wearing Le Snack lover, keeps everything running SMOOTH chic!

Kat does just about anything and everything at our warehouse, from pressing orders to packing to seriously organizing shelves - this is her super power!

Also bring your dog to work day is EVERY DAY for her baby Chutney!

Meet Jacquie

Jacquie is the multi talented QUEEN!

From the corporate world, loves a sprint car race and makes STUNNING tutu's (anything dance)!

Jacquie looks after our marketing - all the bright ideas come from her!

Also our voice of reason - should I say Ambers voice of reason when she comes up with another outlandish idea!